Belarus: To the communists and leftists of the world!

(Wir leiten diesen Aufruf weiter –  an alle, denen es nicht egal ist. An alle, die im aktuellen Geschehen einen Hauch der frühen polnischen Solidarnosc und den neulichen „arabischen“ Aufstände wiedererkennen. An alle, die überhaupt das Interesse aufbringen, bei den Leuten vor Ort nachzufragen, was da gerade passiert und was wir für die tun können. An alle, die eine Katastrophe wie in Syrien für abwendbar halten. – das GT)

Dear comrades!

We, Belarusian marxists, representatives of main communist and leftist groups, organisations and parties, who had organised the initiative „StrikeBY“ want to ask all of you to show support and provide assistance.

Presidential elections, which took place in Belarus, had led to a political crisis. The conflict is being kindled further by both the political opposition and the authorities. All of it led to unprecedented police violence that no one in Belarus could have imagined. During the long years of Lukashenko’s reign, especially in the last few, society grew ever more tired and discontent. We saw abuse of power by the bureaucracy and courts, laws directed against the people and workers, creeping privatisation and continuing growth of the private sector. Liberal opposition, taking cue from the international capital, is using the anger of the masses and demands that Lukashenko vacate the post, doing that in the guise of peaceful protests, which are being brutally suppressed. Level of discontent is growing and violence is becoming the new horrifying norm. The opposition is set on winning no matter the cost, same as the regime, which is ready to defend itself with any means. We are now witnessing the fight between the state-capitalist system, personified by Lukashenko, his state apparatus, and various international imperialism forces, represented by the opposition.

For the first time in a long time the opposition is calling workers to strike, however only doing so at the state-owned enterprises, all while the majority of Belarusians work in the private sector where conditions are frequently worse than at the state-owned enterprises.

Which solidarity do we seek?

We need to broadcast the true reasons of their discontent to the workers, that it is not brought about by the talking heads on the television whichever the power these heads may possess, but with their actual conditions. This cannot be corrected by simply voting or overthrowing the president. The only way to correct the situation is by an organised force of workers who stand up for their real class interests here and now. And the working class of Belarus is starting to become aware of its power; it was the working class that stopped (although perhaps temporarily) police violence on the streets. And we must start this struggle now while the masses are radicalised and ready to act.

What do we need?

We desperately need all help from communists and leftists who speak Russian and Belarusian, as they can help with agitation and campaigning. The Internet and social networks give us direct access to people, almost on an individual basis. We must take this opportunity, start agitating and try as hard as we can to explain the class struggle lying underneath the situation, spelling out their actual interests. We are counting on your organisations to contact us, take a share of workload and organise the agitation.

If you are a representative of an organisation or a media, get in contact with our comrades on Telegram (@zbstSocNet_bot) to continue cooperation.

You can help us by simply promoting the circulation of our appeals and campaign materials through your channels. You could also do more, if you or your comrades are ready to start distributing our leaflets to workers through means online. It is a dull and repetitive task that could nevertheless help our common cause. If necessary you will receive a detailed instruction on how to go about it.

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